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Evac chair training

Evac chairEvac chair

Evac chair training will help your key staff or fire marshals to use an evacuation chair in an emergency to assist a non-ambulatory person to escape in the event of a fire where there are stairs present.

There were 4.9m disabled people in employment in the UK in July to September 2022. This is an increase of 240,000 on the year and an overall increase of 2.0m since the same quarter in 2013.

Employers have a responsibility for their business premises and an obligation to staff and the people who use their building, to ensure there are adequate fire precautions in place. This includes having suitable fire risk assessments and emergency evacuation equipment in place, which may include evacuation chairs or other means of escape in an emergency.

Course Syllabus:

  • Legislation for evac chairs.
  • Consequences of fire.
  • Manual handling.
  • Anatomy of the spine.
  • Types of evacuation chair.
  • Usage of evacuation chair.
  • Maintenance and service checks.
  • Practical usage.

Course length: 3 hrs.

Qualification achieved: Evac chair usage.

Cost: £400 + VAT for in house courses.

We can run courses in house or at our training centres in Lincoln and Grimsby.

Click here to download Eva chair Syllabus.

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