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Breakaway Training

breakaway training

Breakaway Training

Breakaway training is specifically designed for staff working in a residential setting caring for elderly people. Research shows that many staff in the elderly area sustain injuries from their patients/clients while carrying out various procedures.

Breakaway training helps staff to be more aware of violence and aggression in the care of elderly or learning difficulties and provides specific motor skill training to maintain personal safety at work while delivering personal care to the individual elderly person.

The key to the training is responding to violence or disturbed behaviour at an appropriate level, and avoiding the tendency to overreact, or to use unnecessary force. The techniques taught are recognised techniques and are aimed at maximising the safety of all parties. They aim to protect the dignity of the client at all times.

The course can be tailored for younger age groups or learning disabilities.

Course Syllabus:

  • Hair Pulls
  • From front single and two handed.
  • Ear grabs same and opposite sides.
  • Collar grabs from rear.
  • Strangles.
  • From front and rear trapezium grip
  • Against a wall or in a corner
  • On the floor astride and from the side.
  • Close proximity techniques (CPT’S)
  • Wrist grabs.
  • Single hand same and opposite side, thumbs on top.
  • Two hands to one hand, thumbs on top.
  • Both hands, thumbs on top.
  • Single hand same and opposite side, thumbs underneath.
  • Two hands to one hand, thumbs underneath.
  • Both hands, thumbs underneath.
  • Straight arm lapel grab.
  • Bent arm lapel grab.
  • Wrist grabs same and opposite side, taking aggressor to the floor.
  • Bear hugs under arms. (Three types of grip).

Breakaway Extras:

  • Bear hugs around arms.
  • Hair pull from top and behind. • Neck locks. • Breast/tie grab. • Bites.
  • Key grabs. (If applicable)

Course Objectives:

  • To teach the candidate how to deal with an aggressor.
  • To practically demonstrate the techniques to break free from an aggressor using as safe a method as possible.

Course length: 6-7 hrs

Qualification achieved: Attendance certificate.

Cost: £60 per person + VAT on open courses £60 per person (min charge of £480) + VAT for in-house courses.

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