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Self defence training

Self Defence Training at Singleton Training Services Ltd.Self defence training

Self-defence training will allow you to cope when you feel at risk either socially or within your job role?

Our training highlights the need to avoid conflict as a first line of defence. It also teaches practical aspects of defending yourself when physical conflict is unavoidable.

Our experienced trainers can instruct you on all aspects of self-defence:

  • Recognition of potentially dangerous situations.
  • How to deal with aggression both physical and non-physical.
  • De-escalation before physical contact.
  • The law and your rights regarding defending yourself, property or family.
  • We can tailor the training for any age group.
  • We can adapt the training for mixed or single sex groups.
  • Courses can be run at your venue or at one of our training venues in Lincoln or Grimsby.

Our trainers have a wealth of experience in martial arts as well as being qualified to level 3 in physical intervention.

Contact us for more details or to discuss your needs.

We also have a sister company that offers all types of martial arts training: Strike Zone is Lincoln’s martial arts centre and offers a variety of martial arts including Karate, Kickboxing, League of Shadows, BJJ, Medieval weaponry and Taekwondo.