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Customer Links

Customer links

Customer links – These are our way to show other clients where and who we have worked with and most of all we believe that word of mouth is the best recommendation. We have many customers who tell their friends and family about our services and over the years we have had a lot of repeat business. Our customer links are here to showcase those companies who have benefited from our expert training. We often have good feedback about our courses and here are some of our satisfied customers


The Award-winning Park House Hotel

This company supports disabled guests and also their carers or companions to have a holiday or period of respite together in the beautiful Norfolk countryside.
**Do you have any old jewellery that you would be willing to donate to Park House? To help raise funds to enhance guest facilities we have a new addition to our in-house shop of a pre-loved jewellery selection. Should you wish to make a contribution please click here to find out more.

Customer links Park House Hotel

 LF&RPSS are a non-profitable organisation who provide fundraising & support for the Emergency Services & Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue.
Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Preservation Support Service

Customer links LF&RPSS



Singleton Training Services Ltd train McDonald’s Staff throughout the UK.

Customer links Mcdonalds


Ark Wildlife Park

At the ARK you will find a wide variety of fascinating animals from exotic mammals, stunning reptiles to fearsome carnivores and farmyard friends. The majority of our diverse collection of beautiful resident animals are rescues who have come into us over the years when we were originally a private rescue sanctuary for exotic animals.”Great first aid course, informative, yet delivered in an engaging and easy to follow manner, thank you.” Jamie.

Customer links Ark Park



Washingborough Academy

Washingborough Academy is a thriving Primary School providing education for 290 children from 3-11 years old. Singletons have trained both staff and students from Washingborough Academy.

www.washingboroughacademy.orgCustomer links Washingborough academy