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SIA door supervisor

Door supervisor training

Who is this qualification for?

This door supervisor training qualification is aimed at individuals wishing to apply for a licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to work as a door supervisor. It is based on the relevant SIA specification for learning and qualifications and is supported by Skills for Security.  Skills for Security are the  standards setting body for the security industry and the SIA, which regulates the private security industry.

How long will it take?

To complete this qualification learners are expected to undertake approximately 52-hours of learning. The SIA stipulates a minimum of 44 contact hours (6-days) if flexible distance learning is undertaken.

Topics covered

These include the main characteristics of the Private Security Industry. The importance of safe working practices to comply with legal requirements  The role and objectives of a door supervisor. Powers of arrest relevant to a door supervisor. How to recognise, assess and reduce risk in conflict situations. Good practice to follow after conflict situations. Physical interventions and the implications of their use and the use non-aggressive physical skills to protect yourself and others.

Assessment method

This qualification is assessed by a practical demonstration and a multiple-choice examinations.

Door Supervisor Training Course Syllabus:

  • The main characteristics of the private security industry
  • Understanding the law when working as a door supervisor
  • Safe working practices and emergency procedures
  • The searching of people and property
  • Keeping vulnerable people safe
  • The powers of arrest of a door supervisor
  • Incident reporting and crime scene preservation

Course length: 6 days plus self directed learning.

Qualification achieved: Highfield Level 2 Award for Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry

Click here to download door supervisor syllabus.

Cost: £250 per person + VAT on open courses.

First aid is required by the SIA in order to get your door supervisors badge. The first aid course must be taken before you start the course. If you have an existing first aid qualification, please contact us for details.

2023 Courses for Individuals Price (inc VAT) Booking form Training location
26th & 27th January – Top up course £120 (£144)
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30th & 31st March – Top up course £120 (£144)
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29th & 30th June – Top up course £120 (£144)
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28th & 29th September – Top up Course £120 (£144)
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28th & 29th November – Top up course £120 (£144)
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