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Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency Medical Technician Course.

The emergency medical technician course is highly intensive. It is designed to give advanced first aid skills in a pre-hospital environment prior to the arrival of the emergency services.

There exists a large gap between the standard 3-day First Aid at Work course and the state registered Paramedic. This course attempts to bridge that gap and is suitable for people that need greater knowledge and increased skill sets.

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4th April 2023 £399
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Course syllabus:

  • Basic anatomy and physiology.
  • First person on scene and scene safety.
  • Levels of response and GCS.
  • Basic life support and CPR.
  • Advanced airway management (OP, NP, I-gel airways and suction).
  • Simple ECG recognition.
  • Heart conditions and arrhythmias.
  • Use of AED.
  • Patient observations: Temperature, Blood pressure, blood sugar, capillary refill.
  • Oxygen therapy.
  • Mechanism of injury.
  • Secondary survey.
  • Treatment of head trauma including SCAT test.
  • Treatment of abdominal trauma.
  • C-spine control and use of collars.
  • Motorcycle helmet removal.
  • Control of severe haemorrhage.
  • Treatment of burns.
  • Treatment and immobilisation of fractures including basic splinting.
  • Dislocation – recognition and treatment.
  • Entonox therapy.
  • Recovery position including spinal recovery.
  • Treatment of soft tissue injuries.
  • Thermal conditions – recognition and treatment.
  • Shock – recognition and treatment.
  • Anaphylaxis including use of EpiPen – recognition and treatment.
  • Strokes – recognition and treatment.
  • Treatment of choking casualties.
  • Epilepsy – recognition and treatment.
  • Diabetes including blood sugar monitoring – recognition and treatment.
  • Asthma – recognition and treatment.
  • Introduction to recreational drugs.
  • Patient handover to emergency services.
  • Introduction to safeguarding and the Mental Capacity Act.
  • Basic conflict resolution.
  • Infection control in pre-hospital care.

Course Length: Over 6 days

Qualification achieved: level 4 TQUK EMT certificate.

Cost: £399 per person + VAT.

Click here to download Emergency Medical Technician syllabus.

Minimum of 4 and maximum of 9 students for in-house courses.

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