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Unit 2: Working as a Door Supervisor

Welcome to your Working as a Door Supervisor

What could cause a customer to have dilated pupils?

The police have the right of entry to licensed premises when

A venue has been hired for a private event where people of all ages will be present. Which of these actions is unlawful in this situation?

Which of these is the main advantage of observing an entry queue?

Which of these is a door supervisor’s right as a representative of the licensee?

A venue manager has asked for targeted searches of customers to find items used in drug taking. What precaution should the door supervisors take when conducting these searches?

Which of the following could be a sign associated with drug dealing in a night club?

Door Supervisors can only search someone when

Why should a door supervisor complete search documentation?

Searching is a condition of entry and a customer asks a door supervisor why they should be searched. How should the door supervisor respond to this question?