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Intermediate Life Support – ILS

Intermediate Life SupportIntermediate Life Support – ILS

The Intermediate Life Support course (ILS) is aimed at healthcare professionals, healthcare assistants and event medics.

It is a bespoke course offered only by Singleton Training Services Ltd and will be tailored to your exact needs.

The course is based on the DCRABCDE principles of advanced 1st aid care. The aim of the initial treatment is to keep the patient alive and achieve some clinical improvement. This will buy time for further treatment and making a diagnosis.

Course syllabus:

  • Assessing scene safety.
  • Checking levels of response and using GCS scale.
  • Basic life support and CPR.
  • Airway management (OP, NP, I-gel airways and suction).
  • Simple ECG recognition.
  • Common heart conditions and arrhythmias.
  • Practical use of AED.
  • Oxygen therapy.
  • Recovery position including spinal recovery.
  • Treatment of choking casualties.
  • Anaphylaxis – recognition and treatment, including use of EpiPen and/or drawn up Adrenaline.
  • Patient handover to emergency services using IMIST or SBAR principles.

Course Length: 8 hours.

Qualification achieved: Singleton ILS certificate.

Cost: Call for details and bespoke syllabus.

Click here to download ILS syllabus.

Minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 students for in-house courses; to allow for scenario-based training.

We also offer this course online:

Go above and beyond BLS training with this Immediate Life Support in Healthcare course, learning much more about the Human Body.