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Company news

This page is dedicated to listing our Company news.

08/01/24 – Notification of major road works close to our training centre.

11/05/23 – 5 new exciting courses are on their way.

08/05/2023 – Our solar panels have been up 1 year today and generated 4415Kw of green power.

2023 open dates are available.

08/10/2022 – We are now over 2000Kw of green power.

25/07/2022 – Awesome news – our solar panels have now produced over 1000Kw of green power.

2022 – We can now take all forms of card payment in the office and over the phone.

2022 – We are having solar panels fitted in April.

2021 – we have now fitted an EV charging port for our customers to use.

September 2021 – new courses on offer: SIA door supervisor is now live; our first course will be run in November.

2021 – we are now offering a full range of mental health training courses.

1st December 2017 – Open day at The Training Hub.

August 2017 and the new training hub is open for business – we have a new phone number – 01522 300161.

April 2017 – The first 10 nurseries have been awarded Millie’s Mark for good 1st aid training – I am sure many more will follow this worthwhile scheme.

ALL our accredited first aid courses now include how to use a defibrillator.

  • It’s beginning to look a lot like…a building!

Check out our “new training centre” page to follow the progress.

The Training Hub

  • The bricks are going up!

The Training Hub

  • Exciting times as our new building goes up! Due for completion in Spring 2017 the new building will have office space, plus four new training rooms.

The Training HubThe Training Hub

More news.

  • BEING A MEDIC…  on 7/9/16 one of our trainers and medics was on his way to work when he saw something going on involving a lorry.  As he got closer he could see what looked like a person under the lorry and he decided to stop and help and was able to help before the emergency services arrived.  The emergency services arrived on scene and our medic handed over and then left, not really knowing what then happened to the person afterwards.  It occurred to me, a medic in training, that being a medic is not a 9-5 job.  You never really switch off or clock off from being a medic and you want to be able to help people if you can, despite the time or place, it is your moral responsibility and kindness that keeps you going.  And it occurred to me, that as a medic, you will not always get the happy ending.  Despite this, I want to further my skills and  I hope that one day, if needed, I too can help someone, even in a small way, should they need it.  I’m so proud of the team that I work with and the things they do, and feel lucky to be part of the team.  If you would like to learn first aid, become an appointed person or even train to become an emergency medical technician, call Singletons on 01522 300161.  You do not have to wait for your work place to put you on training, we run many open courses for you to enable to put yourself forward to further your skills.  Call 01522 300161 now for more information, and you too could help someone that needs it.


  • YOU HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES! Do you know that as a business, you have certain responsibilities to yourself, your employees and your customer’s according health & safety law .No matter how many people you employ you must have a health & safety policy and risk assessments in place, you must provide a safe workplace and suitable training for your staff, and you must at least have a first aid kit, an appointed person and information available for employees, when it comes to first aid.  There are many places you can go for information on Health & Safety and first aid, and the legal requirements you must meet…but where should you go when it comes to staff training?  You need someone you can trust, and at Singleton Associates we have over 20 years experience training the private and public sectors in First aid, Health & Safety, Risk Assessments, and more, and  we can provide you with training that is up to date and relevant and that meets all the legal requirements for your work place.  From 3 hour Appointed Person courses to 3 day First Aid At Work courses, from basic to intermediate health & safety courses, risk assessment courses and many more in between we can provide you with exactly what you need.  All your training needs under one roof.  What are the benefits of training your staff?  Firstly you meet the legal requirements, secondly staff that receive quality training report they feel more valued and happier while at work, they are also more likely to look out for, and report hazards and risks within the work place.
  • food hygiene  – do you know where to go when it comes to Food Hygiene laws and legislation? The food standards agency provide free booklets for your information…

2016 Company news

  • go to to see some of the videos from our RTC training.
  • We now offer First Person on scene accredited intermediate course!
  • The name of the Heart mascot is officially Veinessa Ventricle.
  • We provided a public access defibrillator at Tesco Extra in Lincoln.
  • We now offer 18 new care centred courses.
  • The ambulance went to Washingborough Academy as part of their open day.
  • September saw ‘have a heart day’ at The pride of Lincoln pub – a good day was had by all.
  • October saw us in Tesco for European re-start a heart day.

2015 Company news

  • New first aid guidelines were published by the resus council on 15th October.
  • European restart a heart day was on 16th October – The event was a huge success, we trained over 50 people in the Tesco community room in just a couple of hours.
  • We now offer Allergen training for serving staff and also for management. Click here for more information.

2014 Company news

  • From September 2014 the government intends to remove the need for paediatric first aid courses to be approved by Ofsted or Early Years. A revised syllabus will also be issued. – click here for consultation.
  • European restart a heart day was on 16th October – The event was a huge success, we trained over 50 people in the Tesco community room in just a couple of hours.

2013 Company news

  • HSE approval of 1st aid training companies ended on 1st October 2013.
  • Singleton Training Services Ltd satisfies the criteria set by the HSE for competence.
  • We also offer QCF qualifications as follows:
  • Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work.
  • Level 3 First Aid at Work.
  • AED.
  • Level 2 Paediatric First Aid at Work.
  • Level 3 Paediatric First Aid at Work.