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Environmental policy

EnvironmentalEnvironmental policy.

At the Singleton group we are committed to protecting the environment and complying with all environmental legislation applicable to our trading.

To this end we have put the following in place:

  • We installed an 8Kw solar panel system on 8th May 2022 to generate our own electricity. We have already generated 3000Kw of power (19/01/23)
  • We use ultra low energy LED lights in our new training centre at The Training Hub, Lincoln.
  • The whole building in Lincoln has had cavity wall insulation fitted to the latest 2015 building specifications.
  • Our heating at the Training Hub utilises an air source heat pump which is the latest technology.
  • We have an EV car charging port in the car park.
  • The MD drives a full electric vehicle.
  • Our toilets and kitchens have automatic lights that switch off when not being used.
  • We recycle the following items:
    • Batteries.
    • White paper.
    • Cardboard.
    • Plastic bags.
    • Tin cans.
    • Plastic bottles.
    • Printer cartridges and toners.
  • Dual flush systems on all our toilets reduce the amount of water used.
  • Our vehicle fleet uses tablet screen wash to reduce plastic usage.
  • We have now switched over to concentrate sanitiser with reusable bottles which will save 80 spray bottles going to landfill every year.

For more information:

If you wish to see our environmental policy – please click here

or you can call us for further information, we will be happy to answer your questions.