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Security Risk Assessments

Security Risk Assessment Training: Corporate and Private Security Vulnerability

Singleton Security Services Ltd are adept at providing expert vulnerability and risk analysis not only on a corporate level but for the private sector inclusively. Our highly experienced Physical Risk Analysts are experts in conducting security risk assessments on the prevention of actual physical damage, removal of assets and can provide physical security solutions which can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. Due to the current difficult climate we as companies and individuals alike are experiencing a global increase in poverty and an increase in criminal activity, industrial espionage is on the increase as competition grows ever fiercer for business! As economies fall and desperation becomes the overriding factor in society, people become more desperate and moral compass’ sway.

A fresh and professional pair of eyes may be just what your company need to become more secure and security aware in these most difficult of times. Let Singleton Security Services help you to protect what is rightfully yours, keeping it in the good order for which it was intended! whether it be a physical asset, information or a whole facility we have the knowledge, experience and skills to help.

It does not matter if you are guarded, not guarded, gated, access controlled or rely solely on electronic security such as closed-circuit television or alarm systems we can provide the same high level of service throughout.

The final result will be an extensive vulnerability and risk assessment report generated by our resident experts in the field of analysing physical risk, it will contain non-obligational recommendations for you or your company to significantly mitigate physical risk/harm and minimising loss of assets and time.

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