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First Aid booking form

First Aid booking formTQUK logo First Aid booking form

Please click here to download a first aid booking form

We are a RQF training centre and can offer RQF first aid courses:

As these courses are RQF awards, we have some new conditions for students wishing to take the qualification.

This is a formal NVQ qualification and as such we must follow the guidelines that form part of the awards.

With immediate effect please note the following conditions that WILL apply in all circumstances:


  • All successful candidates will receive a RQF certificate in first aid.
  • All candidates must have some form of ID to prove who they are; this will ideally be photo ID e.g. driving licence or passport. If a candidate turns up to a course without ID they will have to refuse admission onto the course.
  • We assess the following by practical methods. All candidates must be able to complete the following:
    • Perform CPR on a manikin on the floor
    • Roll a casualty in to the recovery position who is on the floor
  • If a student is unable to perform these practical tests, they will not pass the course.
  • Attendance on a first aid course must be 100% of the learning hours which are: 18 hours for First Aid at Work and 6 hours for Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Lateness for the course will be limited to an absolute maximum of 20 minutes (providing that the student has a reasonable excuse). Students attending more than 20 minutes late will not be given admission onto the course.
  • Total Quality UK (TQUK a RQF centre) forward certificates upon completion of the paperwork and we will send these out after the course. There may be some delay in this process that is beyond our control. These certificates are formal RQF certificates.