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VDU Auditing

VDU AuditingVDU Auditing

The VDU Regulations state that employers must complete VDU auditing on all employees who may be VDU users.

Within the regulations a user is anyone habitually using a VDU as a large part of their normal work. The regulations set out a series of duties which will be placed upon the employer. Principally they are as follows:

  • Analyse VDU workstations and take steps to correct any risks found.
  • Assess the risks to the operator’s health from the use of the workstation and record this assessment.
  • Ensure that all new workstations meet the requirements.
  • Ensure that all existing workstations meet the requirements.
  • Train ‘users’ in VDU use.
  • Provide ‘users’ with appropriate rest breaks.
  • Entitles ‘users’ to eye and eyesight tests where appropriate.
  • Provide training for your VDU assessors.

It is the duty of the employer to produce an assessment of VDU use. Such a process can take time and may require specialist advice.

Contact Singleton Training Services Ltd for a quote.

Singletons will help your company assess and train your VDU ‘users’. We are able to advise you on purchase of new equipment to meet the standards of the regulations. Singleton Training Services offer expert advice on workstation layout and design.