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Unit 1: Working in the Private Security Industry

What should a security operative always do when handling personal data?

What could a lone worker be vulnerable to?

What must you NOT do when carrying out an arrest?

What is an example of a workplace hazard?

What would be a legitimate reason to arrest someone?

What should a door supervisor do first if they discover an unattended bag

Which of the following best describes the fire triangle

Which is the best description of criminal law

What do the letters GBH stand for

Who must you call immediately after making an arrest?

Which terror threat phrase means an attack is expected imminently?

One of the requirements of The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is:

Which of the following answers shows good standards of customer care

In the event of a fire which of the following should you not do?

On receiving a bomb threat phone call, what should a security officer do first:

Which of the following is a civil matter?

Which of the following statements is true about the Security Industry Authority (SIA)?

A powder fire extinguisher would be shown by displaying which colour on the Fire Extinguisher?

The offence of committing or having committed an act where he steals and at the same time puts/ seeks to put any person in fear of being subjected to force’ is the definition of:

A Door Supervisor denies someone access to their club as they are homosexual. What act are they operating against?

The most likely limitation of CCTV is:

Reflecting on incidents is MOST likely to enable employees to:

'Beyond reasonable doubt' is a term used to prove which type of law?

One objective of the SIA's Approved Contractor Scheme is to:

Which of the following is NOT a risk associated with lone working?

The purpose of having good evacuation procedures is to:

The MOST likely consequence of invacuation is that:

Security operstives MUST look after vulnerable people in order to:

Which of the following is NOT likely to be completed by security operatives?

A person with disabilities asks for assistance. You should follow the compnay policy because: